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As a specialty chemical company committed for over 18 years, PT Focustindo Cemerlang offers services and products to meet various industry needs. Ranging from Coal Treatment Chemicals, Maintenance Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, and Part Machining.

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The benefits you gain by choosing us as your partner

Coal Treatment

We offer effective and innovative solutions to ensure optimal operational efficiency and maintain the quality of coal.  

Maintenance Chemical

Chemical products used in the maintenance and upkeep of various facilities, equipment, or systems to ensure their optimal performance.

Waste Water Treatment

This process not only involves the removal of harmful substances from wastewater but also entails efforts to recycle valuable resources.


We provide cosmetic and skincare solutions to enhance your business needs.

Medical Devices

Assisting in the bone and tooth regeneration process to accelerate post-operative recovery, made from specially tested materials.

Machine Part

Providing solutions for various machine parts for your industrial-scale needs with the highest quality and standards.

High Standard

High Standard Equipped with ISO 9001:2015 for quality management and ISO 14001:2015 for environmental management systems to maintain product quality and process safety from inception to delivery.